Summer may be a time to relax for those who are tired of studying, but learning is always beautiful. Kidobotikz linked up with The Hindu Young World again to inspire young minds to be part of an event that could nourish their future. The camp was filled with thousands of young keen energetic minds for the adventurous learning experience. The five-day camp, conducted across three different cities- Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad- primarily for children of age between 8 to 17, included activities for children in basic engineering, art, mathematics, language, team-building, and the like.

On the robotics session, the kids had a hands-on session for building a robot with different functionalities – making it trace a line, avoiding objects, preventing itself from falling off a table, and follow the light. The practical learning made the children easily understand advanced electrical, electronic and mechanical concepts. Apart from that, the kids also got the chance to see the working of All-Terrain Robot, Arm Robot, Walking Robot, etc.

The best part of this year’s summer session was – Kids helped other kids – the graduate students of Kidobotikz who are also of the same age group but more experienced in the tech skills were given the opportunity to learn more by helping other kids of their own age group to complete their practical sessions – this volunteering was definitely an inspiration to the 1000s of kids who got to see the technical knowledge of the bunch of graduates from Kidobotikz !

The kids, finally, did their own FIRST robot at the robotics session by Kidobotikz, which not only triggered their tech skills but also instilled their confidence, creativity, communication skills and teamwork. The summer was finally concluded with thousands of young minds walking out proudly with their own personal robot and a dream in their eyes to become a roboteer !

 “Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

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