Are you from Madurai? You should join this Student League!

Meet the team Robo Decode X from SP Robotics Maker Lab Madurai. The students from SP Robotics Maker Lab discussed the various facts for keeping their team name. They even drew a picture of how the logo has to be designed and made everyone go WOW!! Why the name Decode X?? X means Extreme power to them, which will help them accompanish their mission. 
The owner of SP Robotics Maker Lab Madurai was happy to share that each student is a gem to them. They are rockstars who are working as a team to win the Robotics Championship. They are pretty excited to meet you all at India's first Robotics Premier League - SPARC 2019. 

"When we learn how to work together as a team versus against each other you will know the secret to win the Robotics Championship" - SP Robotics Maker Lab Madurai.

Are you ready to accompany their mission?? Join the league to win the Robotics Championship.