Are you from Porur? You should join this Student League!

Meet Robo Wolves from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Madanandapuram. As wolves live, hunt as a pack. The team is their strength. That's why they have named their team name as Robo Wolves. This team is learning all techniques the opponents use in order to win the Robotics Championship creating an energetic vibe among the audience.


The students from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Madanandapuram had set up an arena and started practising in real time. As a team, the champs are strong because they coordinate with each other and work as a Wolfpack. These strong players in the team are boosting their energy and waiting to meet you all at India's First Robotics Premier League - SPARC 2019.

Excited to meet the Wolfpack on Jan 6th?? Woah, wait for the Wolves to surprise you.

Join the League Robo Wolfpack now.