Are you from Puducherry? You should join this Student League!

Desire, Burning Desire, is fundamental for accomplishing anything ahead of the Ordinary.

Presenting you the team Altron Robo Warriors from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Puducherry. Readers we've got some fascinating facts about this team. Let's discuss one by one. What's the secret behind the name Altron Robo Warriors??

The champs from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Puducherry are a huge fan of Avengers - Ultron the Supervillian fictional character. 


The name Altron is because it's the powerful Robot which gives a tough look outside and the warriors are because those champs are the real fighters. We further discussed about their training session for SPARC 2019. Ilaya Bharathy, the SP Robotics Maker Lab - Puducherry owner has set up an Arena inside his Maker Lab and helping students gain practical training before they head up to India's First Robotics Premier League - SPARC 2019. He continued talking about the secret tip which he has been following in order to win SPARC 2019 Championship. He added, "All you have to focus is to get stronger in the foundation, practice endlessly, later you will start applying your presence of mind instantly".

That's a great tip Ilaya Bharathy. Thank you!!

Unity is their team strength. The champs from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Puducherry, Oops I missed adding the name warriors in the front. yeah, the warriors from SP Robotics Maker Lab - Puducherry are ready to meet you all on Jan 6th, 2019.

All the very best Altron Robo Warriors, Wish you all success. See you on SPARC 2019.

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