Whenever the word Chennai is used in parlance, people usually talk about it’s Temples, Tiffins and Temperature. An often neglected “T” related with Chennai is Technology. Engineers from Chennai have often dazzled the global scenario with their innovation. Chennaiites are also known for their sense of belonging and their pride in rallying behind causes. It is a city that boasts of it’s pride in being sound in tech related matters.

We hear about rally of students, teachers, canines and felines. How about a rally of robots for a change? Yes, you heard it right. On the 3rd of July, Sunday, at 6 AM, 101 School students from Chennai are attempting a world record by rallying their ATV robots (101 on total) across the Besant nagar beach. These kids, probably aged 12-17, have spent their weekends over the past year learning the skill of building robots from scratch at Kidobotikz. If you are returning from your morning walk and are taken aback by a swarm of robots approaching you, you are witnessing history in the making.

Join us in cheering for this record attempt and be a witness to history!

Happy Roboting !

Kidobotikz is a leading EdTech startup offering Robotics Courses for students. Moving from a Robotics training Institute which conducted Robotics classes to a “Learn Robotics Online”, Kidobotikz today has 4 levels of Kits which offer Robotics for Kids. If the question on your mind is “How to learn robotics”, then the answer is Kidobotikz.