Check what Aditya and Agnit says about his team behind the building of Jasper - India's First Delivery Robot


1. Hi Aditya, Can you tell me your experience in building Jasper - India’s First Delivery Robot?

Yes, it was indeed a thrilling experience and it was so interesting to Build Jasper.

We were a team of 8 members and It took us around 3-4 hrs to Build Jasper. The components we used are bt connection board, 6 motors, 150 mm wheels and we can connect the bt controller to our community app.

2. Aditya, How do you think that Jasper will contribute to a social cause?

Jasper will contribute to the three main social causes

  • To reduce human efforts
  • To beat the heat
  • To motivate the young minds to build a robot for a social cause

3. What are the challenges that you have faced while building Jasper?

Actually, we faced some challenges. But, we as a team coordinated well and build the Robot.

4. Any advancements that you would suggest that can be added to Jasper?

It will be better if we can make Jasper an autonomous robot. Even the people were telling us to make it as autonomous. Further, it can be integrated into IoT for better usage.The major thing is that people need to bend themselves to take the bottle. This may be a problem for older people. We can attach a hand to Jasper so that the water bottles can be given to the people directly. The ground clearance is minimum in the Jasper so it was pretty hard in speed breakers. We need to give some more ground clearance.

5. How proud did you feel after your invention came in the news channels?

We were so happy and proud. We became the talk of the town. Our family members and friends congratulated us for our invention. In fact, our friends were very excited to join our SP Robotics Maker Lab - Kottivakkam to accompany our Robotics Journey .

6. Agnit, Is there any new projects on the line like Jasper?

In my advanced level project, I wanted to build an Amphibian car. I'm currently working on developing a prototype that will go in land and water with ease. I wanted to execute this project as this will help the people from drowning in case of any natural calamities.


7. How excited are you in studying at SP Robotics Maker Lab - Kottivakkam?

We are very excited and curious about robotics and technology. We look forward to build new robots thereby contributing to new inventions.


Proud Owner - Harish - SP Robotics Maker Lab Kottivakkam

As an owner of SP Robotics Maker Lab - Kottivakkam how proud did you feel when your students built a social friendly robot - Jasper?

Students these days, need to do something more than academics. One day my students came to me and said, “We wanted to build a Robot for a social cause and contribute to a change”. The minute I heard this, I felt so proud about my Makers and we started working on it.  When my students came in the news channels, I felt very happy that I also had a part in motivating my champs.

Congratulations to my awesome students in building the Jasper - India’s First Delivery Robot.

I'm looking forward to many new projects like this and I want my students to learn more about robotics.


Congrats to the Team - SP Robotics Maker Lab - Kottivakkam 

Sachin Madhukar, Agnit Dasgupta, SuryaChethan, Anand, Adityaram, Srivatsan, Kailash, Nishok.