Now this Robot can dance to your beat!!

It is a multi-terrain robotic mover small enough to be carried in a backpack but enough to carry cargo and perform onsite operations and dances for fun. The structure of the robot looks like a spider with six-legs which is known as Hexabot.

The main frame of the robot consists of a rectangular core which is attached to 18 motorized joints with 3 degrees of freedom, there is a built-in accelerometer, gyro and the tips of each leg have sensors that detect contact with the ground. It has a built-in camera for live streaming video, is able to climb stairs and move over other obstacles.

 It is controlled remotely using a joystick controller with an integrated monitor making it very easy to use. The battery life is averaged around one hour and it also depends upon the application involved. Walking speed is reported to be around 30 cm per second.

Are you interested in building this kind of robots? Here it is, the Expert Level, Go on and build one for yourself.


Source: New Atlas