“My name is Sai Sujan. I am studying in Modern Senior Secondary School . . .” says the Kid with rejoice as the camera rolls. He is here to record a clip as a part of promotions for the world record event. He gets it right after 4 takes and he is quite upbeat about it in the final take. After the photoshoot and the video recording, I pull him aside and have a brief chat with him. Turns out he is the youngest kid I’ve ever encountered here at Kidobotikz. He is only in class 5 but has already learned more about robotics than a first year college student. 

He has completed his foundation level courses in robotics and is now in his Beginner level. He has taken a break from attending the classes due to  his monthly cycle tests is now awaiting the completion of his exams to carry on with the course, I ask him what his friends feel about him doing a course in robotics and he has a wide grin on his face. He feels that the course is very interesting and after joining here, he now feels his ambition is to become a Robotics engineer. Only in class five, this kid already wants to build his favourite kind of robots- Humanoid robots.

Our second star for the evening would be Sanjay, who I meet in one of the classrooms as he is busy fiddling with a soldering iron. 

He is also gearing up for the event and incidentally has two ATV robots ready for the weekend’s event and isn’t sure which one to field. Talk about spoilt for choice!  Sanjay, who is a 9th grader at DAV Mogappiar, is one to reckon with in the area of robotics. Fresh from a successful completion of his “Graduate”-level exams at Kidobotikz, he actually has learnt everything there is build a robot from scratch. 

Even as we talk, he exudes confidence about his knowledge in the area of robotics. His mannerism suggest that he has made building robots his favourite pastime. Talking of his exams, he says he attended all questions in circuit debugging and mechanical engineering and laments the fact that he could not attend the questions on “Chassis Design”.  Our star is very bright indeed, for he says Kidobotikz has already made engineering his career ambition. He intends to do his higher education in Robotics at a reputed IIT and has already started making enquiries at FIITJEE for enrolling in their classes next year.

With such young minds swelling in the ranks, Sunday’s event would sure be power packed.

Happy Roboting ! !

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