“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” said Margaret Mead. By the looks of it, the team at Kidobotikz seems to have espoused this belief quite well.

Meet Navin Arul, one of the star students of Kidobotikz and a robotics prodigy. He has contested in several national level robotic contests and has already won a few. I meet him on the lobby of Kidobotikz office where he is waiting to discuss one of his new projects with his robotics faculty.  Upon further enquiry I discover that he is working on a portable water generation system. I ask him how and he says rather candidly that he’ll be using a Peltier module to condense the moisture from the air to get clean drinking water.  Kids here at Kidobotikz sure get their tech big!

A brief chat with his faculty reveals that he has already written his graduation” exams at Kidobotikz after his one year course and is here occasionally to work on his ideas. So, how do the courses help him, I ask. He says that for his graduation exam, he had questions from Engineering Drawing, Microcontrollers and Circuit Debugging. Last I checked these were a part of the curriculum that all engineering colleges teach and yet here is a 12th grader who was well versed in these concepts and was ready to give engineers a run for their money. The courses here at Kidobotikz are segregated into 5 levels with the following in the ascending order of merit: Foundation, Beginners, Advanced, Expert, Graduate.  Each of these levels are designed in such a way that kids aged 12-17 can learn robotics in a fun and practical way.

“Learning these would help us in our engineering courses and help us pick our streams accordingly”, says Navin. Come check us out at Kidobotikz and discover for yourself this cradle of talent.

Kidobotikz is a leading EdTech startup offering Robotics Courses for students. Moving from a Robotics training Institute which conducted Robotics classes to a “Learn Robotics Online”, Kidobotikz today has 4 levels of Kits which offer Robotics for Kids. If the question on your mind is “How to learn robotics”, then the answer is Kidobotikz.