‘FoldiMate is a robotic clothes and laundry folding machine; the only way it knows to fold is like an expert.

‘FoldiMate Family, our home targeted robotic laundry folder, will quickly become a must have in every household around the world.’

Standing 32 inches tall and 28 inches wide, this machine can fit in most laundry rooms and can be easily moved to different rooms -- it only weighs 65 pounds.This device was designed to sit on top of the washer, dryer or a sturdy table, and the firm offers a wheeled table so it can be moved to where you normally fold.


Users simply clip their freshly washed garments to the integrated rack located on the outside of FoldiMate.

Then, using the available buttons, indicate what type of clothing it is such as pair of pants or shirt.

FoldiMate will sense the size, fabric thickness and whether it is long-sleeve or short-sleeve and adjust to fit those characteristics.

The rack can hold about 15 to 20- pieces at a time, however it cannot handle everything in your laundry basket.

You will still have to deal with towels, undergarments and socks.

Source: Dailymail.com