Self driving cars are here.This one has a robotic arm feature as well. Learn more.

The car, called Lotte, is a robotic courier. It autonomously transports packages to homes and businesses and uses a robotic arm to place the packages in a pickup locker.Soon,it will be able to deliver packages to mailboxes and pickup towers as well.
This is the only self-driving delivery vehicle that can complete deliveries without any human intervention. Since the robot courier will replace human labor, which makes the last mile delivery cheaper.his in turn, helps e-commerce grow even more — it will be less expensive (we eliminate labor costs) and extremely convenient (the parcels are waiting for you safely in your own parcel locker).

Completed the Advance Level and the Expert Level? If you have finished those levels, you might have got an idea to interface the robots of this two levels!! Learn and build this autonomous car on your own !!

Watch the video of Robotic Arm built with our Expert Level kit!!


Source : Thisisinsider