Feed your friend with the third hand by building an Autonomous Robotic Arm

We all love tasty mouth-watering food, Isn't it?? But some are lazy eaters, some carve for food like no one, some just eat for their tummy to get full. I guess those were the three categories of basic food lovers. Here is what RMIT University in Australia has invented Arm-a dine, Which uses the facial expression of the partner and feed them. What?? Robot feeding us?? Does it sound weird? Yeah, actually it does!! But let me tell you how it works.

How it Works??


Step One
This Robotis Third Arm is partially Autonomous. They can move in whichever direction they want which depends on the partner's movement


Step Two
For safety reason, the arm stops at 10cm away from you, in case of causing any physical damage.


Step Three
Coming to the facial expression part, You will have to make your Frowny face and letting the robot know that the food picked is just not your kind.


Step Four
What are you waiting for?? Build your own now. You can use the microcontroller for controlling the servo which you have learnt in Expert level.


source: IEE Spectrum