Meet Riyas - The Scientist

Meet S.Riyasdeen - a 1st year college student and also one of our prized Community members, has found a way to something that, industry professionals are trying to currently come up with- Automatic Soap Dispenser!

Due to COVID-19 Lockdown, Riyas has come up with the Automatic Soap Dispenser to help protect those around and his family to avoid spread of the virus.

Being our IoT and SPARC-18 Overall Champion, he has come up with the right solution just in time to create a contact less hand wash project and has deployed right in his home, as a stellar example of how Robotics incepted in the right minds can help them become Problem solvers of today! 

The project works in such a way, that the faucet automatically detects your presence and opens the water automatically for 10 seconds and dispenses the soap and also closes the tap just in 10 secs, just in time for the right 20-second Handwash, as recommended by the WHO, on the steps to be taken to fight COVID-19. All this- using Arduino!

Riyas is one of our stellar students since 2017, who has completed 4 courses in Robotics exclusively along with Internet of Things, which involves Python Programming and also, Virtual Reality Course using C# Programming- all at the age of 17 !

True Story of a Real time Roboteer at SP Robotic Works, what about you?