5 Ways to maximize your kids summer vacation 2019

Summer vacations are an exciting time of the year for both parents and children. For parents, the thought that the exams are now behind them comes as a relief. And for children, it is three whole months of fun and frolic in the neighborhood.To help your child engage this summer, we have come up with this process, we’ve compiled a list of five recommended students’ summer activities that can get your children engaged productively.   

1. Muddying up (Gardening)

Gardening is a highly enriching and interesting activity for children as they grow up. The whole process of digging up pits and planting saplings can help them understand how nature works. Observing how plants grow in the sunlight can definitely help them appreciate the intricate biological process and will awaken the scientific curiosity in them. Ofcourse, it goes without saying, ensure that they’re wearing gloves and shoes at all times!

2. Frying up circuits (Electronics):

Every child out there knows that there is nothing more fun that taking apart an old piece of electronic/electrical equipment to observe what it is made of. But why spend all that energy destructively, when you can use the same energy constructively and create an electrical gizmo of your own. It may not have been possible in the past. But today it is possible thanks to the widespread prevalence of robotic summer camps near you and me that make it easy for us to enroll our children in and put their creative energies to use in a worthwhile manner.  

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3.Cookie Dough games (Baking):

Who doesn’t love eating up raw cookie dough. But why just get your children excited about cookie dough alone. Introduce to them the whole science cooking and baking and give them a hands-on experience of how raw ingredients turn into tasty food. This will surely push them to ask you questions like ‘why cookie rises’ and ‘why does it turn brown.’ Questions like these are the baby steps for awakening of curiosity in them that will come in handy when they pursue a career in technology or engineering. Be sure to engage them in such fun, yet educational activities.

4.Van Gogh’ing (Arts):

Anybody who’s a designer or an architect sure knows that the seeds for your profession date back to the day when you completed your first piece of art. Art is a very important skill that kids cannot afford to miss on. By engaging in art, children can surely experience the confluence between different colors and hues. This is useful when they grow up and take up those stoichiometry and spectrometry tests during their college years. Not to mention those drawing skills which will come handy when designing their equipment on those drawing sheets.