What will my child Learn?

From gears to arm grippers, this course takes you through hands on experience of building a robot. Learn about torque, power, working of motors, ground clearance and other important concepts in a fun and engaging way. Understand wireless technology by building your own blue-tooth/mobile app controlled robot. Excited to design your own sumo, soccer and a few other robot variations ? That's not all, 100+ projects can be done…

android course
Cleaning Robot
Let your child learn to create a remote controlled cleaning robot that can be used to clean both homes and roads.
android course
Curtain Control
Let your child learn how to build an automatic curtain mover that is easy and wireless, minimising human effort.
android course
Pet Feeder - Bluetooth
Let your child learn to use the ranger kit to create a safe and simple automatic feeding system for their pets.
android course
Bull Dozer Robot
Let your child learn to use the ranger kit to build an autonomous bulldozer that may assist with cleaning or construction.


What's The Benefit For My Child?

The courses are specially designed by experts for ages 10+ to engage them well and useful. This course focuses on Mechanical Designing, Circuit Building and STEM Skills, but that's not the only benefits your child will get. Developing interpersonal skills through the hands-on experiments is the highlight of this course







How To Start Designing and Building a Robot?

Order Kit

Order the Kit Online with your home address for delivery. The Payment can be made via our safe and secure Netbanking or Card or Wallet Options.


Get it

The Kit will be shipped to your house directly with all the parts inside the dream box. Your child will need a laptop to start learning and coding the Robot


Start Learning

Instructions inside the kit will help you login and access the online course & get 1:1 Personlized guidance. Code and See your Robot in Action



List of Components
*Kits shipped outside India will not contain batteries – Instructions will be provided in the package for using alternate power source.

Parent Testimonials


My son is always happy to go to Robotics class (with full smile & joy).I attribute this to the exemplary teaching and community feel of the class.It is indeed very motivating for parents and children to get such encouragement and platforms to be acknowledged for their good performance. Thank you once again for facilitating good learning.


Mother of A.S.ABISHEK

SP Robotics is a boon to the children who are interested in tinkering with gadgets and who love practical learning. My son is extremely happy and excited to make and work with his own robot. It is the best platform for the children's future to achieve their goal. I would strongly recommend this to all students across India.


Father of Pranav Agarwal

The purpose of enrolling my child here in SP Robotic is that I want him to have an additional curriculum but over here I can see a lot of difference, It's not just they learn about building and coding them but my child actually enjoys and I see a kicks off in interest level, especially in SP Robotics, it's totally edutainment I guess that's how a class should be instead of boring subjects all time.


Father of Kavin Senthil

My son did a road cleaning project which won the 2nd prize award in a special project. It's totally a very good concept asking the students to build a project on their own once they finish the level. Above all, I really appreciate the team of SP Robotic Works because I see growth in the presentation skills in my son's project videos,I'm really thankful to the team. Great work!!


Mother of Chris

It's been a year and I see a drastic change in his skills. His focus towards science is increasing day by day. Above all I found a major change in his behaviour. He started to spend more time on technology related articles rather than spending time on TV and games. The curiosity behind every technology surprises him. Thanks to the team of SP Robotics Maker Lab.


Mother of Dilshan

He joined the class a month back and he is showing great interest in technology and science nowadays. I am happy that I receive emails about his activity, the improvements and also what is happening in the class. Great work by SP Robotics. I can see the growth of my son which is really impressing me in just a few weeks. Big thanks to the staff out here! They are doing a wonderful job!


Father of Riswanth

Even I have studied these concepts in my engineering classes but it's totally different here, I wish I was exposed like these type of edutainment concepts during my college days. Why I say so because I could see the 5th std student getting used to the robots and the codes which are like totally amazing and the mind-blowing.SP Robotic works makes a lot of effort to bring out creativity.


Father of Sri Krishna

SP Robotics has a very good systematic curriculum that all the child needs. The right foundation at the right time is very important. They take the children to different stages in the field of Robotics exposing them to the latest technology which is very important nowadays. Overall I feel my child is getting a lot of interest and has learned a lot of stuff with Robotics.

Abhijit Dutta & Sujata Dutta

Parent of Sonakshi

My daughter Sonakshi is really in love with all kinds of technologies. SP Robotics has given her a perfect platform to explore her passion. In the last one year SP Robotics has created a strong fundamental of technology for my daughter which I am sure will help her immensely in future.

Rajiv Garg

Father of Tanay Garg

Our child joined SP Robotics two years back and it has been a pleasant association. They gave him the much needed basic exposure in a child friendly atmosphere and later on introduced him to higher programs. Their courses encourage learning by actually making robots and that's the most enjoyable part.


Father of Saanvi

Saanvi started in AI and chanced upon SP Robotics. The free demo helped us get a feel of the course. Impressed by the pace my daughter picked up, I purchased the course. The course is well structured, and includes a neat way to get things done by the learner. Online Product Support is a huge plus.

Sudhir Kumar Mehta & Nidhi Metha

Parent of Utkarsh Mehta

In today’s world no one is untouched of digital technology. Robotics is part of this advancement. SP robotics has played an important part in enhancing the problem solving technique of my son. It has laid a strong foundation of logical thinking and innovation. I would definitely recommend this.


Mother of Priya

When i first took my son to SP Robotics Maker Lab, I wasn't sure what to expect. But the kind of things he does are simply amazing, his mind has become very curious. He is always speaking about what he has created and what it can do. I couldn't do such things at his age, the credit goes to the SP Robotics.


Father of Ramasamy

I am extremely proud of my son. He is a talented boy and I wanted to introduce him to Robotics. I enrolled him at SP Robotics and was hoping it will help him.To my surprise my expectations were exceeded by my son as well as SP Robotics Maker Lab. I don't have to worry about his future anymore.


Father of R.Harshavardhan

Great support and encouragement from SP Robotic Works, this program really did help my son to change his thought process. Now he has increased his interest towards Robotics which resulted in gaining more technical knowledge as well as soft skills for him. Credit goes to the creators, they have done a wonderful job.

Yasmin Farook

Mother of Amar Al Fahad

SP Robotic Works provides an awesome robotic experience, this is a must try for all the children out there, the support and the encouragement provided are exceptional, my son loving the classes, he never misses his robotics class despite his exams. I would definitely recommend this for all students.


Learn Online and Build Robot with the Ranger Kit for a Beginning in Mechanics and Robotics

What are the other items required to learn with this kit?

You just need a desktop computer or laptop or tablet with Internet connection to learn with this kit. Preferably, use Google Chrome browser to learn Online.

What can I make with this kit?

This kit helps you learn the basics of Mechanics – Mechanical Designing, Engineering Drawing and more. You get to create your own Bluetooth Controlled Race Robot, Sumo Robot, Pick and place Robot during the online learning. You can proceed onward to make 100+ inventive projects with it, subsequent to finishing your learning!

How many hours will this keep me engaged?

This kit requires 16 involvement hours (which includes video time, practical time and time for assessments). If you want to keep yourself engaged more, you can always checkout the big list of projects (50+) that can be done using this kit !

What is the syllabus taught with this kit?

1.Electrical and Electronics

DC Geared Motor – Types and Specification/ RPM/ Torque/ Selection of motors/ Parallel control of motors/ DC Batteries – Types and Specification/ Ampere-hour/ Discharge Capacity/ Selection of Batteries/ Wireless System – Types and Specification/ Frequency/ Introduction to Bluetooth/ Establishing connection with mobile and Bluetooth/ Introduction to Motor Drivers/ Need, Type and Specifications/ Introduction to transistors/ Working and control of motor/ H-Bridge working/ Servo Motor working/ Types and Specifications.


Gears – Types and Working/ Wheel – Types and Specifications/ Selection of wheels/ Chassis – Material Selection/ Introduction to Engineering Drawing/ Different perspective views/ Simple Objects of different shapes/ Complex shapes and designs/ Designing a simple race robot – Parameters to consider/ Ground clearance/ Effect of different parameters/ Designing a simple sumo robot – Parameters to consider/ Design of weapons – types and selection/ Designing a simple soccer robot – Parameters to consider/ Design of grippers/ Pick and place robot design and concepts.

What can I do with the kit after I learn?

The Kit has been decided to teach you concepts and use it for whatever applications you want - it is not a Toy, its an explorable Tech Kit - you can keep using it for any projects, mix and match with other kits, use it in real-time applications and more.

What if there are doubts while learning? How to clarify?

There is Live Tech Support through your online account – with text, video and screenshare support. The live tech support will be available from 10am to 8pm (Monday holiday). For general info, you can always contact us – our friendly support team is always here to answer.

Will I get a certificate after completing? Will there be tests and scores?

After every chapter, there will be quick tests and scores to evaluate the conceptual understanding of that particular chapter. After all these chapter tests are taken, a Completion Certificate will be provided.

If you want to get Certified with a Master Certificate, then you will have to do a project of your own (any creative idea would do), take a video of project and submit it in the e-learning platform. The project will be evaluated and Medal along with Master Certificate will be provided.

What is the recommended Internet speed to learn online?

Minimum requirement is 2Mbps download speed. Recommended Internet speed is 4Mbps download speed.

If I order now, when will I get the kit? And when can I start learning?

Your kit will be packed and sent in 48 hrs from our distribution center (unless mentioned otherwise while checkout). We transport the kit with Blue Dart or other reputed logistics provider. When you get your kit, the steps to start the online course will be given in the kit. Follow the steps and your journey with us begins :)