Summer Camp for kids, school children and college students 2019 in India

1.Robotics Summer Camp

Robotics is undoubtedly one of the most influencing branches of science and technology. Mastering Robotics at a young age will increase the chances of success for children in the field of science in the future. It puts them at an advantage and gives them an edge among their peers as they are exposed to the fundamentals of how basic stuff in Robotics work through Robotics Summer Camp. Children can attend the Robotics Summer Camp so that they will get an idea of why they can pursue Robotics as their mainstream option in the future.
Children's are provided with opportunities for building their own Robots and they develop their self-confidence levels. They believe in themselves that they are capable of innovating new things in technology. They get to learn this very important field of technology in a very fun way through the Summer Camp.
SP Robotics Maker Labs provides the perfect platform for children of age 7+ to take them into the world of Robotics and immerse them in a flood of knowledge in a fun way. SP Robotics Maker Labs offers a range of courses like Electronics Summer Camp, Internet of Things Summer camp(IOT), Virtual Reality Summer Camp(VR), Robotics and Advanced Robotics Summer Camp this Summer so that children can choose their favorite course and improve their skill sets. Enlist your children in one of these Course and help them become a better version of themselves!

2.Dance Summer Camp

Dance Summer Camp
Dance is a form of expressing ones feelings through action. It has several advantages from concentrating and organising our thoughts to improving our physical and mental health. We reduce the cortisol levels and an overall optimistic mind is set for the day. Dance Summer Camp focus on improving the child's health while making them enjoy the process. They also improve the mind muscle connection and develop coordination.

3.Swimming Summer Camp

Swimming Summer Camp
Swimming is one of the best ways to improve the overall physical health and a recreational activity too. Swimming improves the cardiovascular health. It strengthens the heart and lungs. Children get a good physique through attending Swimming Summer Camp. Swimming Summer Camp is a great way to spend the summer in a fun way.

4.Abacus Summer Camp

Abacus Summer Camp
Abacus enhances the overall comprehension of maths. It helps children to calculate faster. It improves their memory power. It helps them to solve practical problems in day today life and improves their self confidence. Abacus Summer Camp increases their concentration in academics too.

5.Art and Craft Summer Camp

Art and Craft Summer Camp
Art and Craft Summer Camp help bring out the creative side of the children. It helps in cognitive thinking and working of the left sided brain. It gives them a sense of accomplishment since children learn to create something new from a raw material. Children also learn patience through these classes. These classes are a great way to spend this summer.

6.Adventure Summer Camp

Adventure Summer Camp
Adventure Summer Camp increase the adrenaline rush in children. It helps them understand and explore the outside world. They get a sense of satisfaction and have the chance to connect with nature. It elevates the overall mood in children. Children get to socialise with other children of same age. Adventure camp are a great waay to spend the summer since it is a change from the regular monotonous chores in school.

7.Chess Summer Camp

Chess Summer Camp
Chess improves the cognitive thinking in children and they improve their creative thinking. It is also known to improve their Intelligence Quotient (IQ) after playing it consistently. It improves their problem solving skills. Chess Summer Camp focus in bringing out the thinking and creative ability in children.

8.Foreign Language Summer Camp

Foreign Language Summer Camp
Children increase their critical-thinking and problem-solving skills on attending these foreign language Summer Camp classes. While it provides the children with better career options in the future, it also increases thei multi-tasking skills and sharpens the mind. Bilingualism is an important skill to cope up with the global economy.

9.Sports Summer Camp

Sports Summer Camp
Sports are an effective choice to spend the summer since sports Summer Camp focus on improving the physical health in children. Sports help in improving the cardio vascular fitness. It inculcates discipline, punctuality, sincerity and other moral values.

10.Singing Summer Camp

Singing Summer Camp
Some children are captivated on seeing people who can sing and on hearing good songs. This summer might be the time to explore that singer in your child. Singing is also a form of expression and it creates a positive vibe around them. Singing Summer Camp bring out the singing ability in children and creates an interest in that field.

11.Organic Garden Summer Camp

Organic Garden Summer Camp
Farming or gardening is necessary for the current generation since they need to know the value of food and how it is produced. Children connect with nature through organic gardening Summer Camp and they get to know how food is produced from plants. They also learn the importance of health through organic farming of plants.

12.Table tennis summer camp

Table tennis summer camp
An intense game of table tennis develops the mental acuity. It improves the hand-eye coordination. It is a fast-paced competitive sport. Table tennis Summer Camp ensure that children learn to compete with other children ina healthy way and learn the importace of not giving up.It improves the reflexes in children.

13.Music summer camp

Music summer camp
Music always has the ability to play with our emotions. Children get to learn how to maneuver their emotions through music. There might be a budding musician inside your children and enlisting them in Music Summer Camp this summer will help them to master this art.

14.Cooking summer camp

Cooking summer camp
Cooking your own food is always fun. Fireless cooking is a safe way to teach children to cook without any fear from parents. The emotional benefits of cooking are myriad. Therapeutic cooking is a treatment for people with mood disorders. Cooking Summer Camp teaches children to cook their own food and live independently in future.

15.Cycling Summer Camp

Cycling Summer Camp
Cycling is an aerobic and outdoor sport. It reduces the stress levels in children. It is an adventurous sport and increases their fitness. Cycling Summer Camp conduct group activities and teach children the importance of socialising and helping each other. It is an exciting way to spend the summer.
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