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Electronics Camp Electronics Camp


Electronics Camp

  • Basic Electronics
  • Sensors and Motors
Robotics Camp Robotics Camp


Robotics Camp

  • Mechanics and Programming
  • Algorithm
Advanced Robotics Camp, Internet of Things Camp and Virtual Reality Camp Advanced Robotics Camp, Internet of Things Camp and Virtual Reality Camp

Advanced Robotics

  • Programming
  • Walking Robot Algorithms

Internet of Things

  • Cloud Enabled Smart device
  • Python Programming and Raspberry Pi

Virtual Reality

  • Learn C# Programming
  • Create your own virtual world with Unity Software and Oculus Go
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Consumer Speak
  • Archis consumer

    I find it very interesting and easy to learn and practice up those stuff on kit. Becoming a Certified Roboteer has given me a lot of confidence and value to pursue higher education in Robotics and I am sure, this interest will lead me to become a research engineer at a very reputed company.


    Ramakrishnan college of Technology


  • Varsha consumer

    This is a fun destination to learn Robotics. A great platform to learn new skills and implement our knowledge practically. I became a Certified Roboteer in my 3rd year of college and did a food delivery robot, that got recognised in TEDx. The opportunities provided by SP Robotic Works to showcase our skills is so valuable and unmatchable.

    Varsha Jaisingh

    JSS Academy of Technical Education


  • Sahayaraj consumer

    The curriculum is very well set to train anyone gradually to design a Robot on their own. My daughter enjoys learning and it is so good to see her utilize the time wisely in building her own ideas. She gets immersed into the course, to make sure she tops as the best Certified Roboteer.

    Sahayaraj Prabhu. M.B.X

    Father of Jyotsna Callista

    8 th Grade (13 years)

  • Saravanabhavan consumer

    The teaching method helps even children to understand difficult concepts without any strain. The competitive events help to build their self-confidence and showcase their talents, and make them proud of their creations.


    Father of Swarrna Rathna

    8 th Grade (12 years)

  • Ramya consumer

    I am glad that Smritika has completed her Electro-Blocks Kit. I am very happy with the teaching methodology and sure that my daughter will scale heights with the interest gained. The certification she has received has given a lot of recognition in her academics and boosted her performance at school too.


    Mother of Smritika (Dubai)

    7 th Grade ( 11 years)




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Robotics, IOT and VR Summer Camp 2019
for school kids and college students from age 7 to 16 years

SP Robotics Maker Lab is the largest chain of technology learning centers in India with 70+ branches. It is a big break from the regular rote learning - a place to learn practically using Robotic kits and IOT (Internet of Things) kits, Virtual Reality (VR) and more. With technology improving at such a rapid pace, students of all ages need to gear up and get upskilled with the latest and trending technologies that will be the future. If you are a college student or a school student, enroll in the nearest SP Robotics Maker Lab for their Summer Camp.
SP Robotics Maker Lab has a sophisticated smart class-based learning system that enables you to directly learn from industry experts who provide robotic solutions to big companies. Moreover, SP Robotics Maker Lab is the most awarded Robotics company in India and has 100+ media recognition for its achievements.
Apart from all these accolades, SP Robotics Maker Lab is not just for learning. There are platforms provided to showcase talent too - like competitions in the International scale (SPARC), industrial opportunities (like Roadeo, Agri Bot, Swachh Bot) and many more to implement the learnings into real-time.
With 6000+ active student makers in the community, SP Robotics Maker Lab is already creating a revolution in the education industry by imparting practical knowledge and helping people showcase the same. So why wouldn’t anyone want to join?
Know what? This Summer they are provided a unique structured Summer Camp courses available for students of age 7 and above.
Well, Robotics is the future. Your child needs to equip him/her for the future, which will definitely be full of tech. Do you know how the computer revolutionized the world? Similarly, Robotics and Automation are doing the same. And with the right skills for your child at the right age, he/she is sure to be successful among their peers.
With what is said above, Robotics is not just an extra-curricular activity, it is a need which is yet to be provided in the school/college education. So grab the opportunity to learn Robotics by joining the Summer Camp at SP Robotics Maker Lab and get trained from the industry experts.
Of course, practicals is the only thing your child will do. Students enrolling in the Summer Camp will be provided with the kit during lab hours to your child and if you want you can purchase it in the future.
The Summer Camp at SP Robotics Maker Lab has been structured carefully for three different age groups.
Kids of ages 7 to 9 years can join the Electronics Summer Camp to get a strong foundation in Electronics and Circuit Building. Its super fun and loaded with practical experiments to keep them busy and knowledgeable.
Children of ages 10 to 13 years can join the Robotics Summer Camp to get a strong understanding of the basics of Robotics, its mechanical and electronic functionality. They will also learn to code using Embedded C and build their own robot to do various activities such as obstacle avoiding, line tracing and more.
Students of ages 14+ can join any of the 3 Summer Camps offered, all of them too if you have time :) Advanced Robotics Camp for programming Robots and building a walking robot yourself, Internet of Things (IOT) Camp to work Raspberry Pi and build your own personal assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa by coding in Python Language or Virtual Reality Camp to create your own VR applications using C# programming language in Unity Software.
Engage your child’s summer hours by enrolling in India's Largest Robotics Summer Camp now. It will create an impact on your child's future rather than watching TV or playing games in mobiles.
Each of the Summer Camp course will be for 24 hours duration and there are different batches available for you to choose at each Maker Lab location. Enquire at the respective Maker Lab to know the batch availability.
SP Robotics Maker Lab which is located in 70+ locations across India is providing the Largest Robotics Summer Camp especially to inculcate technology education to school and college students. Choose your city and check for the branches available in your city. You can call the nearest Maker Lab and ask for the batches available along with the location.
Prefer to phone? Give us a call from 10am to 8pm.
Monday Holiday.
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Toll free
75+ Centers Across India
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